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 Character Art

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PostSubject: Character Art   Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:16 pm

Before I start, I did not draw these. They were a gift from a very good friend of mine. I figured I might as well post them here since the old aeRO forums are down. Also, I don't' think her work doesn't get half the recognition it deserves and you guys are obviously the target audience for these particular pieces. If you like any of them then I suggest you visit her gallery ( click here ) too, I don't think you'd be disappointed.

My Biochemist/Creator, Lunar: (Click here for larger version)

*Note: Creator's eyes are supposed to be blue. Blame my indecisiveness for the lack of consistency. It was already uploaded before I changed my mind.*

A chibi of her High Priestess and my Creator: (Click here for larger version)

Her Priestess, My Lord Knight, Marone and a cameo from Alice Doll: (Click here for larger version)

Feel free to say what you think. I personally think they're all incredible and love them to bits (Well, I suppose that's obvious since I'm here showing them off). As I said before, If you like any/all of them check out her gallery. ( click here )

Just don't pester for commissions as she is very busy and isn't taking any.
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Character Art
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