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 Guild of the Month - June

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PostSubject: Guild of the Month - June   Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:34 pm

This Monthly Event is like an RPC style..all your items will obtain via npc in event area, you can buy them in very low prices to be much more fair to all.

Guild of the Month on June 28,2010 - 2pm Server time-- Any Jobs can Join (no repetition of Jobs).

Rules and Procedure:
1. I will open the "Monthly Event Manager" NPC located on Prontera.
2. Get your Member and be sure the guild is compose only 4(four) Jobs. (4 or Less)
**Note: No repetition of Job for every guild (you can use 2nd or 3rd Job its up to you)**
3. Wait till the registration Open. (only guild master of the guild can register)
4. Enter the NPC when you are Registered.
**Note: Dont need to bring any items because it will store to your Storage**
5. Inside the Arena.. look for your desired items, build on your own, Buy your items on the arena.
6. After 5-10mins, the Event will start and be sure your ready to fight.
7. If you are the last Guild standing..you will be crown as a Best Guild of the Month.
and have a chance to put your Guild Name, Guild Master's Name and Guild Emblem in our main site and win big prizes like..
500m for every member of the Guild.
3k psRO coins each.
150PvP coins each.
20 Vote Points each.
and 2psB each and every member of the Guild.

March Champion - psRO All Stars -- IMeRsoNI = Guild Master
April Champion - Never Ending Love -- Lord Craxu = Guild Master
May Champion - **Postponed**
June Champion - ???? -- ?????


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Guild of the Month - June
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