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PostSubject: RULES and REGULATIONS - GRAPHICS   Mon Jul 27, 2009 1:35 pm

This starts today, 27th of July 2009, any signatures not following specific rules after this will be removed starting 1st of August 2009
Screenshots before 27th of July are ok, but if you can edit them please do so. Any screenshots that would not follow specific regulations will be deleted

Number of players with over sized sigs and screenshots is getting out of hand and so I will impose this rule as soon as possible
Deletion of post is a case to case basis. This Greatly affects loading of each page

It is the gfx artists responsibility to make sure that they are creating sigs that are INSIDE the rules of the forum.... not outside the rules as many of them are getting

The Rules are simple and clear, read them and remember them and using the excuse that its the players/Gm's/Admins doing it, doesn't work

Regulations for SIGS (signatures)

1. Image height can be up to 300px tall when there is no text with it.
2a. Image height can be up to 250px tall when there is text with it and
2b. There can be up to nine lines of text (including blank lines).
3. There can be up to 13 lines of text without pics.
4. Image width can be up to 500px width

Regulations for SS(screenshots) (signatures)

1. Image height can be up to 400px tall.
2. Image width can be up to 800px width

If text are not visible because the screenshot is too small, use "Thumbnail for Forums" link in http://imageshack.us/ after uploading the image
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