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 Item Recovery Rules

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PostSubject: Item Recovery Rules   Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:10 pm

There are numerous cases where people have suffered due to not being careful. To prevent general carelessness, please follow the following rules regarding item recovery.

* Don't lend valuable items to anyone for any reason, even for 1 second. If you lend an item to someone, think of how would you feel if they never gave it back. If you would be upset, then don't lend it to them.
* Don't let someone else transfer your items between your characters for you. Run dual clients, or in cases where the characters on the same account, do it through Kafra.
* Don't give out your password to someone unless you are willing to take the risk of losing your items and/or account. Also, if you gave someone your password before but they don't need it anymore, then change your password using Account Options under the Control Panel Menu.
* When giving items to someone, walk away from other players before trading. Double-check the other character's name at the top of the trade window before giving items. Make sure you didn't deal the wrong character; some people have actually given very valuable items to the wrong character just because they were standing in a crowd.
* Check items in trade window on both sides before clicking "Trade". Make sure they are really giving you the items they said they would, and make sure you didn't give the wrong item to them. Be especially wary if the other person keeps cancelling the deal and trading you again. They might be trying to get you off guard to put up a Poring Card instead of a Ghostring Card.
* If you got scammed, report the scam immediately by posting in forum or talking to a GM. The sooner we know about it, the better our chances of catching the scammer. If you take longer than 24 hours from the time you discovered the scam to report, we may not be able to help you.
* If someone claims to be a GM in-game and asks you for your password, don't give it to them; they are a scammer (real GMs will not ask you in-game for your password). Instead, take a screenshot of the conversation and submit a support ticket immediately and we will ban them.
* When dragging items from your inventory, keep the equipment screen (Alt+Q) open. This will prevent you from accidentally dropping an item on the floor.
* When vending, make sure that the correct price is set. People often forget to put in a digit and sell the item for cheaper than they wanted to.
* When overupgrading, make sure that the item you're upgrading is the right one. The NPC even asks you to confirm if it is the item you intend to upgrade. Do not skip over it, pay attention to what you are upgrading at all times. Accidental upgrades will not be recovered.

We reserve the right to either refuse service or charge an item recovery fee ($10 credit for simple cases) in an item recovery case if you did not follow any of the above rules, or if the case is complicated such that we cannot determine what rightfully belongs to whom.


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Item Recovery Rules
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