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 Presentation and bug reporting

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PostSubject: Re: Presentation and bug reporting   Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:27 am

ahm i think the line u saw

"give us 2 mins to prepare" is from the "REACTION EVENT"
and u have to w8 until the npc or reaction warper is there then it will coutn again then it will say The warp is now closed haha im not sure. but for sure its not on proing event because u can enter the poring event anytyme u want to enter
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PostSubject: Presentation and bug reporting   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:11 am

Hello i'm Leico!I've got 2 players in RO(+1 for novice vs zombie)
The first is Leico:Assassin cross
The second is HocusiPocusi:Sage
The third(novice for novice vs zombie) is Leicy:novice
I hope to stay good here Very Happy
Now,the bug reporting,the Poring event,its bugged,when it says "Ok,guys,Poring Event" or something like this,he say that give us 2 mins to prepare(this means that the event is closed until 2 mins for preparing)but when he says this the portal is already open(is everytime open...either without event),can someone fix that bug?
(sorry for english,i'm italian)
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Presentation and bug reporting
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